Interview With A Younique Presenter

She’s a little bit famous in our world. She has been featured on the reddit sub r/youniqueamua and on the Instagram account youniquefail. Her name is, Melody. Not ringing a bell yet? Maybe this will help jog your memory… Remember the lady that was always painting her face around christmas time? Well children, meet Melody!… Read More

Hello! **Waves At Younique**

Everything I write about is my opinion.**Don’t get any ideas Younique. A couple of days ago, I received a FedEx envelope in the mail. Inside said envelope was a Cease & Desist letter from, you guessed it, Younique. Oh, But wait, it wasn’t from Younique, it was from The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat! Did I… Read More

Happy Valentines Day

Younique is making sure no one forgets about Valentine’s Day this year. Valentine’s day is coming up so buy this months kudos. OH EM GEEEEEEEEEEE! This months kudos is like soooooooooooo AHHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!!! Eakkkkkkkkkkk! This months kudos include: Limited Edition Pressed shadow palette. $52 Blending brush $18 And your choice of any lipbonbons. (chapstick) $22 You… Read More