You Get a Lawsuit, You Get a Lawsuit, Everyone Gets a Lawsuit!

It seems as of recently that these MLM “companies” are getting hit with Class Action Lawsuits. This is what happens when you behave like a dirty, dirty boi. I mean, are these MLM companies even surprised? Let’s real talk for a moment: These MLM companies are nasty little skank snakes in the grass. They’re just… Read More


Trigger Post: Honesty Hour With Popo

As many of you know or have been able to piece together, I was sexually abused during my childhood. If you did not know this then,…SURPRISE! This is REAL TALK with MLM Police. Side note: **This could be a “Trigger” post for some, so I must warn you ahead of time.** I wanted to give… Read More


It’s a new month

Eakkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Huns! It’s the first of a new month, you know what that means. You beat yourself the fuck up if you didn’t reach your goal last month. You talk down to yourself. You feel like a total failure. Oh look at all those other huns who reached their goal. They get a special shoutout… Read More


In February a growing Facebook group called “Monat-My Modern Nightmare” started to receive some attention. The Facebook group was started as a support group for women, men, and children who had experienced negative effects from Monats hair care products. People have experienced hair loss, balding, permanent balding, flaky and itchy scalps, cystic acne, and hormonal issues. Wait…hormonal issues… Read More

Hello! **Waves At Younique**

Everything I write about is my opinion.**Don’t get any ideas Younique. A couple of days ago, I received a FedEx envelope in the mail. Inside said envelope was a Cease & Desist letter from, you guessed it, Younique. Oh, But wait, it wasn’t from Younique, it was from The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat! Did I… Read More