To Be Continued…

If you gave a shit and read my last post you’ll know I left all my followers (you) hanging, on the edge of their seats, on their tippy toes, or what have you.

I ended my last post with:

“I decided to do one last search.

Oh.. my.. god.

To be continued….”

So dramatic, oh my wow!

I had searched everywhere, using so many different key words, reading the most random articles that had absolutely nothing to do with The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat, and I came up empty.

I decided for the sake of the article (as I was writing it) I’d do one last search. It was the best decision of my life, my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. This is my why.

Included in my search results was a house in Utah for sale. The only common thing it had with the haven retreat house was that it was big. I decided to click on it, just for the hell of it (I enjoy looking at large houses hah That’s what she said). Below the pictures of said house was a list of a couple other nearby homes for sale, so I clicked on one of them.

I took one look at the first picture and said out loud, “shut the fuck up, shut up”.


I of course looked at the pictures 1,000,000 times to confirm that it was indeed the Haven Retreat house, it was.

My partner and I were in such shock, that I FINALLY found the house/location, I just had to end my blog post right then. We were like two overly excited hun bots who just received a free mascara from Derek! Gosh he’s so great.

I sat there and thought, “Well fuck. What do I do now”? I just accomplished my life goal. So, I did what anyone would do at 2:00 am and drank an ice-cold coke, ahhhhhh!


I decided to go to bed letting everything really sink in.

Today I decided to Google anything and everything possibly associated with the Haven Retreats location. I knew there had to be more information beneath the surface. After all we are dealing with Derek here.

I suddenly had an “Aha” moment! I remembered back to when I pulled all of Derek Maxfields businesses; One of the LLC’s had the word “Haven” included in it. I thought to myself, “There has to be a connection”.

So, I Googled the business name, “Hobble Creek Haven Holdings, LLC”, and found basic information but nothing of any importance.

I tried a different search in Google, “Hobble Creek Canyon Utah”, which is the street name of the Haven house.


The first search result was a Facebook page for a business called, “Hobble Creek Lodge”. I clicked on it, and fuckity fuck Hobble Creek Lodge is the same place as The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat!

Oh, and guess what? They have some reviews on their Facebook page. One as recent as May, 2017. They’re also taking bookings, how fantastic is that?

I found their most recent Facebook post:

June 26 · 
“Summer is in full swing here at the Hobble Creek Lodge. Plan you next family or corporate gathering here!”
This is fantastic news! I can’t wait to book my winter stay with the Hobble Creek Lodge. Do I have to pay for my own plane ticket? I sure hope they have availability. Wait, wait one second here…isn’t this the same place that holds the Haven Retreat for “four” days for sexually abused women? Oh well! That still gives me Friday-Sunday, cha-ching!
I did some exploring on Hobble Creek Lodge’s Facebook page. I noticed they had a website listed, I of course had to click on it, duh! It took me to this Air Bed & Breakfast type of website.
They had a lot of photos, a cute little description, a map, a manager’s name, and more detailed information, oh and my favorite; open availability!

OH HEY MARK! **waves**

I Googled, “Mark Mabry Utah”, duhhhhh! The second result that popped up was a gold mine. It was a website for Hobble Creek Canyon/living! Per the website, Mark Mabry and his wife are the owners, and have been for three years. Hmmm…I smell something fishy.

Image from Hobble Creek Canyon website.
 “It happened one magical moment at a christmas dinner…” Just stop, I’m going to vomit.
I also noticed that the Mabry’s sell land by the acreage, or acres, whatever I don’t know:
  • Cottages at Hobble Creek-1 acre parcels
  • Mountain Air Estates-50 acre parcel
  • Mountain Air Estates-78 acre parcel

Whatever, fuck it, we’ll come back to this later.

Okay, and it’s later.

When I paid my precious $3.00 for a list of all businesses associated with Derek Maxfields name, I was in shock by how many there were. Hint: around 38 businesses.

Side note: Anyone can access this information. I didn’t obtain a list of his businesses illegally; they are available to the general public here.

I have a few issues with all this new-found information (surprise, surprise).

Fuck where do I even begin?

This is a good place to start!


This is 1 of 4 pages of businesses that Derek Maxfield is associated with. There are two businesses that I circled (obviously), and if you’ve paid any sort of attention to my ramblings in this post they should sound familiar, or at the very least suspicious.

  • Hobble Creek Haven Holdings, LLC (shady)
  • Cottages Holdings, LLC (shady)

Hobble Creek Haven Holdings, LLC– This is obviously related to the Haven Retreat house. Derek did a nice job of making that one hard to figure out. <Sarcasm>

Cottages Holdings– This would be the Cottages at Hobble Creek, as listed on the Mabry’s website. Or is it Derek’s website? Hmm.

Now, Derek Maxfield isn’t listed as the owner (from what I can see) for both of the above LLC’s. He is listed as the, “Registered Agent”.

I’m not a professional when it comes to LLC’s, or businesses in general, but I do know that a registered agent shouldn’t be Derek Maxfield. According to Legal Zoom;

“A registered agent is a responsible third-party who is registered in the same state in which a business entity was established and who is designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications, usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits, on behalf of the corporation or LLC“.

So, why in the actual fuck is Derek listed as the registered agent?

Here are a few of my thoughts, (not to be confused with facts):

  • He’s a shady mother fucker.
  • He wants to keep his charity separate so he can get as many tax cuts as possible for his non-profit.
  • He’s doing some illegal business with The Younique Foundation.
  • He’s selling commercial real estate through The Younique Foundation.
  • He actually owns the Haven Retreat house/property.
  • I honestly believe he owns the Haven Retreat, it seems to make the most sense to me. So then why say that him and Shelaine are renting it? They pay a shit load of money every month in rent, and it just gets returned to them, but they still get that nice little tax break, and/or credit.
  • He owns the Haven Retreat, and wants to rent it out Friday-Sunday when the house isn’t being used for the Younique Foundation. For profit and not for profit doesn’t mix well?
  • You tell me- I want to hear your thoughts on this.

The Maxfield’s have said a few times that they are in the process of building a larger Haven Retreat house to accommodate more survivors at one time. They also said that they are building this new Haven house with their OWN personal money. GOSH! I can’t believe it, those two, boy they are so selfless. hehehe.

  • I DON’T believe that they are using their own personal money to build a house for their charity.
  • I’m pretty sure I found the location where the Maxfield’s are building the new Haven house. Ok, ok, ok you talked me into it I’ll give you a hint. (It’s on the same road as the current Haven house).

I’m working closely with a couple of my Facebook followers researching the small little, nitty gritty details of this whole mess, also known as The Younique Foundation.

For now, I’d say these findings are pretty damn groundbreaking. A lot has been discovered in the past 24 hours, and I ‘ll continue to dig until I’m dead, or forced by the Maxfield family to quit. **WAVES** HI DEREK!

If you’re interested in helping with some investigating, or just want to say Hi, shoot me a message!


3 thoughts on “To Be Continued…

  1. Well fuck! I don’t really have any sort of effective response here, but that’s some impressive work on some deeply suspicious activity. The depth of their efforts to bury some of this information certainly raises one or two questions (and eyebrows to go with it). Great work

    Liked by 1 person

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