Let’s get some things clear

Lately I have been very frustrated with some things going on in the anti-MLM community.

There is way too much negativity being passed around.

Let’s remember why we’re all here:

  • To expose MLM’s for what they actually are.
  • Try to save people from joining an MLM.
  • Support people who have family or friends involved with an MLM.
  • To educate people

We are not here to:

  • Make fun of someone’s looks-we make fun of their makeup, but never their looks.
  • Personally attack others
  • Etc.

Contributing to the Anti-MLM world/Anti-MLM coalition is not easy. In fact, it’s incredibly exhausting.

We deal with people attacking us, and often making it personal.

I’m just exhausted, it’s been a long ass Anti-MLM week.

The real kicker is, it never ends.


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