Legging Girl

Heard of “Legging Girl”?

This is the first time Ive heard their name. The only reason I found out about this company was because I follow this lady who is a Younique Presenter on instagram. Well call her, “Ashanti”.πŸ˜‚

Ashanti posted a picture on her Instagram trying to recruit ladies.

alk about this, shall we?

The most expensive package to join as a consultant is $25.

Now, I immediately thought this sounded shady. Why such a low price to join?

This company obviously has the typical pyramid.

They give you a bonus for recruiting people. Everything I've read has said if the MLM offers an incentive for recruiting, it's a warning sign of a pyramid scheme.

No need to carry inventory!

Well that’s fantastic! This isn’t another LuLaNo!

But wait…

Bulk discounts<<<<<<
, no need to carry inventory yet they offer a discount if you buy in bulk.

This is so close to a pyramid scheme, it honestly makes me sick.

Ashanti sent me an email:

il conversation just made me really sad.

“I really don’t have customers that buy a lot from me on Younique…”

I find this so very sad.

She is a wonderful person, but she is clearly a victim of the MLM world.

I think she’s starting to slowly see Younique for the shit hole company that it is! However, I don’t want her bouncing from one MLM to the next.

I think this one can be saved!

Operation: Save Ashanti!!!!




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