Interview With A Younique Presenter

She’s a little bit famous in our world.

She has been featured on the reddit sub r/youniqueamua and on the Instagram account youniquefail.

Her name is, Melody.

Not ringing a bell yet? Maybe this will help jog your memory…

Source: Melody’s Instagram

Remember the lady that was always painting her face around christmas time? Well children, meet Melody!

Melody and I talked about a lot of things, some good, some bad, and there were some things that her and I didn’t agree on. She listened to some of my rants and feelings, even though she may not agree with me, she was ALWAYS respectful.

Tell me a bit about you

Well I am 43, single parent of 2 men now! Been divorced 22yrs. I have a degree in hotel/restaurant management and medical coding. I work as a direct support person with the disabled, and also do homecare-going into people’s homes to help care for them. I enjoy bowling, swimming, camping, family, friends, movies. I have been getting into the makeup thing a lot more now that my boys are on their own. I have always tried to do my makeup and look nice, but not to the extent as I have been since I joined Younique. My son has helped me a lot as he is in theatre and does a lot of makeup for shows. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats (2 cats are my sons, he lives at home w/ me)

Me: What made you decide to join younique?

Melody: I saw my friend/old classmate doing the lives and thought how fun would that be to do. Was on our visiting my son in NYC, and kept watching. Then started to watch other presenters-have always wanted to do something like that but haven’t been very artisty-my dad is but it missed me!! Wanted to try the makeup-she sent some to me but I honestly had been super busy and forgot it in my car never tried it. I just joined on a whim while on trip-thought that would be cool to get Paid to get the Black Friday bundles. So I signed up.


Melody is a yellow status Hun. Get this; she doesn’t believe in harassing her friends and family. When i asked her about her selling technique she said:

Melody: I mean yea i post a shit ton but hey if they like it they will buy it.

Why can’t all the Huns be like this?

Me: Are you happy? I mean at Younique…

Melody: I like a lot of the products-yes there are some i don’t like!! I am happy-i feel they try to help their presenters earn the best for them-i guess from what i’ve seen so far. Right now, not too happy with my sponsor though.

**GASP** What the trickery is this? A presenter not liking all of Youniques products! So of course i had to know what products she doesn’t like.

Me: Are there products you don’t like?

Melody: Ok don’t laugh, but i know you will! Cuz i already am!! 3D Fiber lashes; the fibers kept falling in my eyes. Bonbons they feel too waxy to me. The liquid foundation is not a good fit for me

Me: Girl, the 3D Fiber lash mascara is just awful. Do the bonbons smell like playdoh to you?

Melody: Yes!! Geesh i thought i was the only one!

Because my name is MLMPolice, i naturally had to ask her about younique being cruelty free.

Me: Did you know younique is not cruelty free?

Melody: Yes i have seen that. They say they dont test, but its not certified.

Me: I have done a ton of research on the ingredients on their products, and almost every product contains animal ingredients. Do you care if something is cruelty free?

Melody: I do, but i also feel like there’s a lot of things in this world that are not cruelty free.

Me: Yeah, there are a lot of companies that are not cruelty free. But there’s also a lot of companies that have gone cruelty free.

Melody: I guess i haven’t done research on it at all.

This is where things started to get interesting…

Me: Are you aware of what the Anti-MLM people do?

Melody: Well from what i can tell, they pick apart the products/company they don’t like.


Is this really the impression were giving people. If a person like melody who is very open, and will gladly listen to other people’s views thinks this of the Anti-MLM crew…can you imagine what everyone else thinks?

Melody’s answer to my question hit me hard for some reason. I felt genuinely sad. Im afraid to admit I’m rethinking some things.

Melody-Thank you for your very honest answer.

Melody: Can you explain then? So i am aware and don’t have a misconception.

Me: I never thought you’d ask! I can only speak for myself, i don’t speak for everyone. An MLM has a very specific business structure. You have to pay to join an MLM. For example: when you joined younique you paid $ for the presenters kit. You earn commissions off your sales. The big thing though is it acts much like a pyramid. When you start off your at the bottom, you can only rise up the pyramid by recruiting someone. They become your downline, you and your downline recruit more people because it helps you to move up in the pyramid. You also get a portion of your downlines sales. I am very, very against this type of business model. Less than 5% of people are successful in an MLM, that’s an average. Within younique, only .02% of presenters make it to the top of the company.

There is much, much more I told melody. I basically wrote her a novel. I got up there with my microphone and preached! She was a trooper, she listened.

We also talked about;

  • how similar a pyramid scheme is to an MLM.
  • The majority of people rack up a ton of debt
  • MLM’s operate like a cult; people become brainwashed.

Me: I’m trying to educate people, inform people, help people who want out of an MLM, and let people know its not their fault they failed at an MLM.

Melody: Ok, ok i get it.

Me: So what do you think?

Melody: I had no idea you have to pay to be in a group like this. Otherwise, getting the word out there not to go into debt!

Me: There are of course people that are anti-MLM who are not so nice.

Incase you are not familiar with Melody, here’s a little back story on her.

Someone told Melody that her pictures were being shared on @Youniquefail Instagram account. She then went on reddit (Her pictures were also being shared on r/youniqueamua).

Let me tell you guys, Melody has some BALLS.

She went on the r/youniqueamua reddit sub and posted: ” Hello! My name is Melody, a younique presenter and makeup enthusiast. AMA”!

You can find Melody’s AMA Here


Me: How did you feel when you found out you were on reddit?

Melody: Well, i went on the Youniquefail on instagram first, i cried because i thought i did a pretty good look (One of her featured looks below), they bashed me bad!! But then when i spoke back and told them it was just a fun look, then i was ok! I was like oh hell no they’re not going to bring me down.


Melody: Then i went on reddit and did an AMA.

Me: You’re a brave woman, it takes some serious guts to do what you did!

Me: Do you have any questions for me?

Melody: Omg, not right now im overwhelmed. Im sure i will sometime soon though lol.

Me: What is something you want the readers to know?

Melody: I am out here to have fun! I do fun looks for the heck of it. Im not a debbie downer, i love to joke and have fun.

Me: You seem like such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for talking to me tonight.


I really enjoyed talking to Melody, she laughed a lot, but was also very honest with her answers. She reminded me that these “Hunbots” are people too (even though they seem like robots most of the time).

My all time favorite look that Melody has done is of the Grinch!


Wait, i lied. That is not my favorite look, this one is…


Melody did this AHHHHHMAZING look just for her Anti-MLM fans!

How can you NOT love this woman?



3 thoughts on “Interview With A Younique Presenter

  1. What a fantastic post. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that behind every hunbot is a real person, but you did a fantastic job writing this without dismantling her humanity.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Melody, thank you so much for talking to MLMPolice, you seem like a wonderful lady. I truly wish you every success, though I hope that comes to you via more traditional means and not through MLM because you should be respected by your employer, your hard work recognised and appreciated, and honestly I don’t want anyone else to risk their livelihoods to a MLM structure. You have real integrity to not hound your social circle, and to rise above mockery. I hope MLM doesn’t change you. Best wishes.


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