Mary Kay Sharing Objections Flashcards

Mary Kay Sharing Objections Flashcards
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This is a prime example of how predatory MLM’s are. These are not just Mary Kay specific. I have seen and heard the same things from all over the MLM industry. If you or a friend is considering becoming a MLM representative, please take a moment to make an informed decision.


One thought on “Mary Kay Sharing Objections Flashcards

  1. Okay, so all of those are easily defeated with keeping the brain engaged over the desire for money (we all want more of it, nothing wrong with that but it tends to cloud judgement): do follow their advice and do get all the facts, for example the fact that the vast majority of people in MLMs make little or straight up lose money. Or check out PinkTruth – they have a lot of live coverage on the ins and outs of MK specifically and even if they were just haters, all criticism is worth considering objectively in the very least. Oh, and they also have the presenter agreement, where you can clearly see the company shifts all responsibility onto you. Ask yourself why. Ask your rep why. Notice that you are not a franchise owner, you are an independent contractor legally. Why’s that? Isn’t it supposed to be your business? Ask your rep. Find all the criticism and if it doesn’t convince you, keep asking. Look up reviews of the brand from non-magazines (they are basically advertorials at this point, not only for MLMs). Look up the prices on Ebay and Amazon. Look into your rep’s group. Look at all the discounts she gives – she is eating into her profit and doesn’t know it. There is plenty proof this is a hoax, please, don’t retionalize yourself into it. You’ll regret it. And don’t take me on my word, do your own homework and see why that is so!


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