An MLM TV show?

You read that right, there’s going to be a tv show about MLMs. Eakkkkkkkkkkk!!

“Beattie and Mae” is about two sisters who get recruited into an MLM.

“A comedic web series set in 1997, where two sisters, Beattie & Mae get recruited by an intensely competitive door-to-door beauty company”.

You can watch the trailer here.

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the producers over the phone; Natalie Novak.

Her and I talked about my blog, what I’m aiming to accomplish by being part of the Anti MLM Movement, and of course my Cease and Desist order, haha.

So, why did Natalie and I talk?

All though my role is not clear yet at this point, I will be working with Natalie on research, and somehow incorporating my blog into things.

One thing her and I discussed was that as of yet there hasn’t been a tv show focusing on MLMs. How is that even possible? MLMs have been around for a long time, unfortunately.

I wonder what the huns will think of this tv show.πŸ€”

Ahhhh, fuck it.

It is what it is

Show some support for Natalie, Beattie and Mae, and help get the word out about this TV show!

Beattie and Mae on Instagram

Natalie Novak on Instagram


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