Rodan & Fields Unveiled

Most of the time as I’m writing my blog posts, I am researching as I type. So its like were all learning at the same time! EKKKKKKKKKKK huns!

Before diving into this blog post, here is what i previously knew about Rodan & Fields (It’s not much) :

  • They sell “dermatologist tested” products
  • They have a really expensive eye lash serum that is known for causing eye infections/sty’s.
  • The consultants think their dermatologists/doctors.
  • They’re full of so much shit, just like every other MLM out there.

So, whats the difference between R/F and every other MLM?


We’re about to find out, butter cups!!

Rodan & Fields

To become an Independent Consultant all you need is $45, and have absolutely zero dignity left.

The two founders are “world renowned dermatologists” apparently. Lets see about that…

  • Hmmm. Either Google is broken or Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields ARE FUCKING LIARS.

I WENT on and typed in, “World renowned dermatologists”. The funniest thing happened!! These two BITCHES showed up, you guessed it…NOWHERE.

Rest assured, they have an income disclosure!


So basically you have the potential to make -$6795746548658468546854.48 WOW! What an opportunity. Let’s hustle huns!


Lets talk about Donna; she lost all her friends to R+F

She got a cystic pimple after she bought and used some R+F products, she ended up going to her dermatologist and they gave her a shot of cortizone. Her cystic acne didn’t go down enough, so they gave her another shot. Donna’s dermatologist had never seen cystic acne like this before.

Donna’s advice: Go to your dermatologist, and get better products than R+F, for much cheaper.

A note to Donna: I’m so very sorry for everything you’ve had to go through. The #Antimlmmovement welcomes you with open arms.


Donna has done a lot of research on R+F, she said its near impossible to find much of anything about this company.

What about the consultants? Oh them? They’re disgusting, if you want to find someone who lies about their entire life, drinks the company juice, and write off anyone and everyone that doesn’t support their “small business” find yourself a R+F consultant.

Me? I personally would rather pour gasoline in my eyes, and light a match, but that’s just me.



Speaking of gas lighting here’s a nice little video….


One last thing before I go:

Just a side note:

R+F is getting sued!!!!!!!!

Want more info on Rodan & Fields?

Ethan Vanderbuilt’s take on R+F

Until next time,


These are my own personal opinions, nothing I say is factual, nor libel, nor defamatory. Kthxbye.



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