You Get a Lawsuit, You Get a Lawsuit, Everyone Gets a Lawsuit!


It seems as of recently that these MLM “companies” are getting hit with Class Action Lawsuits. This is what happens when you behave like a dirty, dirty boi. I mean, are these MLM companies even surprised?

Let’s real talk for a moment:

These MLM companies are nasty little skank snakes in the grass. They’re just slithering from area to area looking for that SAHM, or Sally who just lost her job, or Mary she’s suffering from mental health problems. MLM companies slither up to Mary who is feeling quite vulnerable, and that fucking snake wraps itself around Mary’s shoulders crushing them inward.

Wait, stop!

Maybe you’re thinking, “That’s not how snakes fucking work”! You’re probably right Fred, I honestly am just talking out of my ass right now, and i don’t know jack shit about snakes.

Ok, maybe I got a bit off topic. My point is that MLM companies know exactly what they’re doing.

  • They know their consultants are their customers.
  • They know they’re barely legal, and if you really want to go into specifics…according to the FTC they are operating as an illegal pyramid scheme.
  • They know they’re scam artists, robbing people of their dignity, money, respect, family, friends, everything.

For a long time MLM companies have been “untouchable”. MLM’s are known for using harassment, and bully tactics to shut the little people up.

Not anymore.

There’s this quote that I absolutely love:

“There is strength in motha fucking numbers”.- MLMPolice


People are sick and fucking tired of these MLM’s and #bossbabes wrecking havoc on social media, art and craft fairs, farmers markets, the list goes on and on.

The #Antimlmmovement has gained so much momentum, and in such a short period of time. People are coming together to battle against these scam artists/CEO’s/bossbabes/hunbots/ MLM’s.

AntiMLM resources are growing incredibly fast!

SoundsLikeMLMButOk has doubled it’s size in 6 months, bringing the group to 45,000 members!

r/antimlm has grown from 1,000 subscribers to 141,000 in the last 10 months.

This is just the very tip of the iceberg!

The Anti MLM Movement IS making a difference! How?


How exactly is that making a difference? Hear me out, ok?

A few months ago word started getting out that Monat’s hair care products are/were making everyone’s hair fall out (Along with many other problems, but that’s a different post for a different day) so someone created a Facebook support group for those who had/have been affected by Monat’s fucking shit ass poop fucking terd products.

This support group grew, and grew, and grew! Well, Monasty got wind of this “hater” group as they call it (LOL) and decided this group needed to be shut down and NOW. So what did Monat do? They handed out cease and desist orders like they were fucking candy on Halloween.

Side Note: Nothing says guilty quite like handing out C&D’s like they’re babysitting flyers that a 12 year old is handing out. Nice work, Monat!

Some people got scared and backed down, others not so much.

For those of you that didn’t back down, you’re doing the lords work. God bless you!


For the Bad ass Mother Fuckers that didn’t back down, they got served with a lawsuit. A lawsuit for what? On what grounds? WTH? The fuck?

Well clearly these women created the Facebook group as a “hater” group and definitely not a support group. nope, nope, nope. Oh and then these same ladies have the nerve to preach lies, more lies, libel, and are just trying to tarnish the wonderful reputation that Monat has made for themselves.

After Monat was gracious enough to serve these rude ladies with lawsuits, they came crawling back a few days later offering a “settlement”.


1.) I’d like to know who is in charge.
2.) Who are these dumb ass lawyers?
3.) Why did Monat as a company think ANY of this shit they were trying would actually fly?
Monat; if you’re reading this i really do want answers to my questions. I am really quite curious. So if you could just comment below answering these 3 questions, it would mean the world to me!

Monat ended up settling with a few people, but they had to agree to Monat’s “terms” which WERE SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS!Β  One of which i believe was to publicly announce that they made everything up, or some stupid shit. Listen Monat, no one actually believed that these women made everything up. But you just stay put on that struggle bus.


While Monat is distracted, trying to shut this Facebook group down, and shut these damn women up…
…Attorneys all over the country are getting ready to spank Monat.


One lawsuit, two lawsuit, blue lawsuit, green eggs and ham…

Monat got spanked with FIVE Class action Lawsuits, yes FIVE! One spank, two spanks, three spanks, four spanks, five! You’re gonna need some ointment for that burn, Monat. Hopefully it doesn’t make your hair fall out, TeeHeeHee.

Things aren’t looking good for Monat. They don’t have a huge parent company to support them financially. In my opinion, Monat will not survive these lawsuits.

All it took was one person starting a support group, and a bunch of people standing together saying FUCK YOU MONAT!

There are two class action lawsuits filed against Rodan + Fields.

A law firm is looking into Lipsense, and want to go after them for being a pyramid scheme (message me for details if you want to know more).

Keep fighting the good fight my fellow AntiMLMers!


One thought on “You Get a Lawsuit, You Get a Lawsuit, Everyone Gets a Lawsuit!

  1. God help the recipent of the wrath delivered by a goddess having a bad hair day caused by a shitty product. We’re not going to take this shit laying down anymore. I fucking love your naughty little potty mouth…thank you for being a warrior of Justice for the victims of MLMs everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

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