Additional blogs & other Anti-MLM allies I recommend:

Elle Beau-An Anonymous blogger from the UK and a former Younique Hunbot. She is well known in the Anti MLM community for her, “Poonique Tales“. I must warn you though, her blog will suck you in. You’ll most likely read her story in one sitting.

Bot Watch – blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

MLMombie – on FacebookΒ  & Twitter – For all those Mom’s against MLM’s

Informed Is Key – on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram – A great advocate for all things.

Younique Fail – on Instagram – Extreme MLM makeup fails!

MLM Scams – On Instagram. A hilarious spit fire gal, who partakes in the occasional couch auction.

Just Say No To Scams – A small town hun, sick and tired of MLM’s infilitrating her village! On Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

MLM Alternative – On Twitter

Just say no to mlm

Sounds Like MLM But ok – On Instagram, Twitter, and now doing anti-MLM podcasts!

Lu La Screwed –

Lu La Roe Fail –

MLM Intel – Blog, & Twitter

Ethan Vanderbuilt – Blog, Twitter, Facebook

Emma AKA MLMShyster –

Pri Parody Rep – On Twitter

PinkVictim_Β  – on Twitter

Red Corvette – on Facebook, and Twitter

Anti MLM Coalition – The mother-ship of Anti-MLM.

See You Next Tuesday Sir

r/antimlm – Everything Anti-MLM on Reddit

r/youniqueamua – Younique makeup fails on Reddit

Primerica Info

Pinkwashed Nightmare