You Get a Lawsuit, You Get a Lawsuit, Everyone Gets a Lawsuit!

It seems as of recently that these MLM “companies” are getting hit with Class Action Lawsuits. This is what happens when you behave like a dirty, dirty boi. I mean, are these MLM companies even surprised? Let’s real talk for a moment: These MLM companies are nasty little skank snakes in the grass. They’re just… Read More


Trigger Post: Honesty Hour With Popo

As many of you know or have been able to piece together, I was sexually abused during my childhood. If you did not know this then,…SURPRISE! This is REAL TALK with MLM Police. Side note: **This could be a “Trigger” post for some, so I must warn you ahead of time.** I wanted to give… Read More


It’s a new month

Eakkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Huns! It’s the first of a new month, you know what that means. You beat yourself the fuck up if you didn’t reach your goal last month. You talk down to yourself. You feel like a total failure. Oh look at all those other huns who reached their goal. They get a special shoutout… Read More

Hello! **Waves At Younique**

Everything I write about is my opinion.**Don’t get any ideas Younique. A couple of days ago, I received a FedEx envelope in the mail. Inside said envelope was a Cease & Desist letter from, you guessed it, Younique. Oh, But wait, it wasn’t from Younique, it was from The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat! Did I… Read More

Interview With A Younique Presenter

She’s a little bit famous in our world. She has been featured on the reddit sub r/youniqueamua and on the Instagram account youniquefail. Her name is, Melody. Not ringing a bell yet? Maybe this will help jog your memory… Remember the lady that was always painting her face around christmas time? Well children, meet Melody!… Read More